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Christmas Giveaway Hop!!!

gifting books giveaway hop
Gifting Books Christmas hop was organized by Reading Romances!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. There is nothing like decorating a tree after Thanksgiving knowing less than a month later children will awake all over with a smile upon their face. I think it is one of the happiest times of the year, because the heart is lightest when a gift is given. Some people say Christmas or the holidays rather, is not about the gifts, but what if I told you that without them, there would be no holidays. 

Thanksgiving is for giving thanks for the food we are given and the people we enjoy it with: The holidays are there to give thanks for life and love. 

As a romance author, I know how important love is to a person's life. It could turn even the most stubborn Irishman into a romantic suitor. Okay. Maybe I'm just subjective to the characters in "To Love An Irishman." 
To me, a book is a precious gift. There is no better way of telling someone how much you care about them. One of the only books I'd ever received (mostly I buy my own) for Christmas was a leather-bound version of the Bible.

Remember, e-books are electronic. So, this holiday season, remember to give thanks for the gifts you don't wrap with a bow.

What you can win here: An e-book copy of "To Love An Irishman" 
Aveline turned as the last line echoed back in a man’s voice. Her heart fluttered. “I thought you made it very clear we should not see or talk to each other—” She halted as the air around her became thicker. She felt a silent connection to the Irishman.
Twilight settled in around them.
“So I did.” He chuckled, looking toward the ground. “Something about you strikes odd to me though, cailín.”
She wondered why he thought she was odd. “Whatever could that be, Mr. O’Devlin, for surely I have not done anything to upset you.”
She knew she was more headstrong than most women, but obstinacy does not make a person odd. If anything, he could be labeled as odd, too. A stubborn man who devotes his life to a farm? Bah!
A frown creased his brow. “Nay.”
His eyes met hers and she felt the glow of blue fire on her face. “In truth, you have done far more than I ever expected from you.”
Well, overcoming an Irishman’s expectations is very difficult indeed. “Did you really think, Mr. O’Devlin, I would run and hide from you? I am not a coward, if that is what you are saying.”
His eyes widened. “Right, you are not a coward.” His soft words washed through her. “Ya singing voice is quite brilliant.”
“I’m glad the fact is now established.” Maybe he gave a compliment to weaken her. “It is only a voice after all. Certainly not something to get eager about—”
He pushed her doubts into the dirt. “Nonsense! You highly underestimate...”
Every word he spoke made her weak at the knees, so she ignored him and turned toward the wheelbarrow instead. “I should finish my duties before it is time to wash for supper. The days go by so fast as of late. It was only this morning when I was helping the brothers feed the animals—” She bent to place the last item in the wheelbarrow, lost her balance and fell against the handles. The cart tipped, losing its contents. She fell backward into his embrace.
       Setting her upright, Mr. O’ Devlin pulled her around, gently moved the hair off her face, and kissed her full on the mouth. 

After all..."When life hands you a farm, just meet a handsome Irishman!"

Number of winners: 3
Open to (INT, US or US/CAN): INT
Enter below: 
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Happy writing!
Diva J.

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Josie Hink said...

I love the decorations and driving around to look at them.


Holly Underhill said...

Hello, thanks for the giveaway!
I love spending time with my family!

Diva Jefferson said...

Christmas lights are beautiful at night. Some people really do know how to decorate! I remember travelling around neighborhoods looking for the best ones with my family.

Thank you for the sharing!
-Diva J.

Diva Jefferson said...

I think, family and love are very important parts of Christmas. Best wishes to you this Holiday Season, Holly. I love your name!

-Diva J.

Jillyn said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I love baking Christmas treats :)

GFC: Jillyn

Book Attict said...

I love spending time with family I don't see nearly enough!

Happy Holidays & thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com
GFC: BookAttict

Diva Jefferson said...

Baking is so much fun, Jillyn. It relieves stress, too. Merry Christmas!

-Diva J.

Diva Jefferson said...

Family is very important to Christmas! :)
Thank you for the comment, Elizabeth.

-Diva J.

Ashley Applebee said...

My favorite part about Christmas is getting to spend time with family :) Thanks for the great giveaway!
Ashley A

Diva Jefferson said...

I miss those days when my family was able to spend the holidays together. It's really all that matters, you know. Thank you for commenting!

-Diva J.

Jeanette Platt said...

The thing i love about christmas is being with my family, all the good food, and seein my boys excited that santa came even though you know i told them santa does come to boys who are bad only those who are good now knock it off and behave.


Diva Jefferson said...

I think Santa finds the good in every little boy and girl, that is why he always comes. :) Thank you so much for your comment, Jeanette!

-Diva J.

Kathryn Merkel said...

My favorite part of Christmas is getting to spend time with family & friends, followed closely by the music, movies & food.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

Diva Jefferson said...

Yes, the fun is always in between everything else. :)

Thanks for the comment!
-Diva J.

bn100 said...

the decorations

Diva Jefferson said...

They are fun to put up and also to see on/in other peoples' houses. I think it shows their creative side. :)

Thank you for the comment,
Diva J.

laurie said...

I love the decorations and driving around to look at them.


Judy-Ree said...

My favorite part of Christmas is singing carols and drinking eggnog with family and friends. Nothing says quality family time like singing and making a joyful noise.

Merry Christmas and thanks for the blog stop.

Bookworm (dot) judy (at) gmail (dot) com

Diva Jefferson said...

I agree, Laurie. Thank you for your comment!!!

-Diva J.

Diva Jefferson said...

I love Christmas music and carols. Believe it or not, I haven't had any eggnog this year. Wow! Anyways, thank you for the comment, Judy, it is much-appreciated.

-Diva J.

corey said...

Spending time w family - time off work.

Diva Jefferson said...

Time off work is probably very enjoyable indeed. Thank you so much for the comment! :)

-Diva J.

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