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Naughty or Nice Giveaway Hop!!!

nautghy or nice
The Naughty or Nice Giveaway Hop was organized by Nat @ Reading Romances!

I wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and participating in my contest. For all those who've stuck with me and supported me since the release of my debut book, I salute you.

As you all know, my book To Love An Irishman is nice. Although, there is a naughty bit at the end. :P

What makes a book nice? In my opinion:
--A specific (low) number of love scenes.
--Romantic dialogue.
--The hero/heroine doesn't make brash decisions that lead to harming others.
--The villain isn't ruthless.
--The ending is happy.

Of course, your definition may differ and I would love to hear it. :)

She is left with an offer she cannot refuse...
Upon his death in 1823, English nobleman, Lord Peyton leaves his daughter Lady Aveline with two choices—stay single and inherit only a small farm in Ireland, where she might just be able to eke out a living, or get married and live in luxury, inheriting all his wealth and property. Fiercely independent, Aveline heads for Ireland only to run afoul of her father’s farm manager, the devastatingly handsome Ciaran O’'Devlin. Alone in a strange country, Aveline yearns for love and friendship, but Ciaran offers only criticism and disdain. Confused and angered by strange visions and her growing attraction to Ciaran, Aveline is determined to make the farm prosper—despite the insufferable Irishman.

He has a secret he cannot reveal...
Ciaran mistrusts Aveline’s intentions and refuses to admit that a willful, English woman now owns the farm that should have been his. Although he insists Aveline should go back to England, he cannot deny their budding passion. Yet, he knows—even if she doesn’t—that nothing will come of it. Not only can’t a poor Irishman marry an English noblewoman, but when Aveline learns of his past, she’ll want nothing more to do with him. Ciaran has always known that each decision carries a consequence, but it’s only when he stands to lose Aveline that he realizes what a heavy price his past decisions may have.

What you can win here: An e book copy of To Love An Irishman.
Number of winners: 1
Open to (INT, US or US/CAN): INT
How to enter: Just enter through the Rafflecopter below. :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hop and enter the other giveaways!

Happy writing!
Diva J.
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laurie said...

great blog today!

for me i like my romances just a little be naughty but with a happy ending


Farrah said...

I think the characters actions make a book naughty or nice. If they act rash, reckless, impassioned-its naughty. If they act sweet or foolishly in love-its nice. And I love both :)

Jean MP said...

What makes a romance story nice for me, is the character interaction, the gentle wooing of the woman, the conversations they have and of course the HEA.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

wanda f said...

The journeys tht the characters go on together and watching their relationship grow makes it nice fo rme although I do love it when nice turns naughty lol.

Lorraine said...

The passion maKes a book both nice and naughty IMO ....

Yay to finding a new historical romance writer through the hop, totally subscribing to your blog!

BLHmistress said...

Nice parts for me is the romance, sweet things the hero or heroine may do for each other and off course I love when it turns naughty then leading to a HEA.

Kathy said...

A nice books is one where you think about the plot and the characeters after it is over.

Donna said...

Hot sexy alpha men pushing you to the limit makes a book naughty. Kresley Cole, JR Ward and Maya Banks are some of my fav authors that write sexy naughty books that I LOVE!!!!
Thanks for the contest

Sophia Rose said...

Hmm, I guess I consider the heat index of the passion and sex is the number one indicator for me, but also what personalities the characters have.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Ashley Applebee said...

I guess the number of "love scenes" in a book make it naughty or nice...personally I like Naughty books best! :D
Ashley A

Yesenia said...

I just love a good passionate story but with a suspenseful storyline.
morales_y at yahoo dot com

Yvette said...

Naughty...lots of steamy scenes but a definite HEA.

Cassandra said...

For me it's the love scenes and the man :)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

rfg72 said...

Heat, both between the sheets and outside of them determines the nice scale for me!

rfg dot wwe at gmail dot com

Adisty Sri Mulianty said...

Nice : a sweet romance book, not too explicit

Naughty : romance book with off the chart steamy scene and wicked characters


My Book and My Coffee said...

Hello there. For me, nice book means that there are no steamy scenes. A book that will make you really feel good :D

Naughty means more of the steamy scenes but still with a very enticing story and characters.

I'm Ara. My email address is at mybookandmycoffee AT yahoo dot com. Thanks for this giveaway :D

Diva J. said...

Thank you for the kind words, Laurie. Happy endings make the whole journey through the book worthwhile. :)

-Diva J.

Diva J. said...

I agree. All of those character actions determines their naughty or niceness. :)

-Diva J.

Diva J. said...

I think those are all wonderful reasons to read a book in the first place. Believe me, writers enjoy it just as much as the reader. Thank you for stopping by! :)

Diva J. said...

Yes, I believe every book is a journey in another person or two's footsteps. Thanks for the comment, Wanda, I appreciate it!

Diva J. said...

Passion is such a driving force in a romance novel. Sometimes, it's better left unspoken.

I'm so glad you could stop by and subscribe, Lorraine! Historical romance is so much fun to write. :)

-Diva J.

Diva J. said...

Sometimes the best way to end a book is with a bang. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It's great to see you on here again. I remember you from the last hop I participated in. :)

Diva J. said...

I think that is what all writers strive to achieve in their lives. Books should be memorable. Sometimes even life-changing/impacting.

Thank you for stopping by!

Diva J. said...

Alpha men are definitely naughty!

Thanks for the comment love, Donna. :)

Diva J. said...

Sophia, I must say I love your name! It's so pretty. Heat index is a major determination, although you can have a really nice book with a lot of sexual tension. :)

Thank you for the comment.

Diva J. said...

Haha. "Love scenes" definitely raise the heat index.

Thanks for stopping by, Ashley! :)

Diva J. said...

Suspense is really great for tension. I like it, too.

Thanks so much for the comment, Yesenia. :)

Diva J. said...

Luckily, HEA can be naughty or nice. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, Yvette. I remember you from one of the other hops I've done. It's great to see you on here again.

Diva J. said...

Yes, men can be very naughty, but so can women. ;)

Thank YOU for leaving comment love and entering my giveaway! :)

Diva J. said...

I totally agree. :)

Thank you for the comment.

Diva J. said...

Some books have both a nice and a naughty side. I like those. :)

Thank you so much for the comment and for entering my giveaway!

Diva J. said...

Hi. I agree, but sometimes nice books have very happy endings. :)

Thanks for the comment, Ara!

-Diva J.

Lona said...

What makes a book naughty to me is the sex scenes. I love naughty books. Thx for giveaway.

blinkysthebest at aol dot com

Diva J. said...

Yes, lots of sex scenes heat up a book! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and entering the giveaway, Lona.

Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...

Naughty! Lots of physical action!

Diva J. said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Seyma. :)

ZaraAlexis said...

A "nice" novel is a cleanly written one with perhaps sentimental romance. Naughty fiction is sexually explicit.

Diva J. said...

I agree with you, Zara.

Thank you so much for the comment! :)

Shadow said...

It depends on how spicy or subtle the romance is

bn100 said...

The characters and if there's humor in the book.

Diva J. said...

I agree, Shadow.

Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway! :)

Diva J. said...

The question is: What type of humor makes the book nice or naughty? Hm.

Thank you so much for commenting!:)

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