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The Top 20 Wackiest Trends For 2012

Just for fun...

Here are the Top 20 Wackiest Trends for 2012:

  1. Less Space, More Experience For everyone who thinks less is more, there are now really small capsule hotels, bed and breakfasts, and living spaces. The culture is closer and the bill is lower. As long as you can enjoy sleeping on your dining and living room, you'd thrive well in such a place.
  2. Viral Advertisements People love to be entertained. What better way to do it is through an advertisement that will engage them longer?
  3. Light Graffiti You read it right. Christmas lights on everything year-round. Digitally enhanced, of course.
  4. Minimal Labeling Soon we will see sold-color boxes, cans, and containers with tiny words. You'd think putting on glasses to see the name of a product would be something of the past. People love simplicity. It's cheaper for the companies, too.
  5. Fashion For Your Technology A keyboard with bling. A flash-drive with flavor. These flashy items are all making their way to the stores near you. I bet they will cost more than the plain ones, too.
  6. Illusion Design Have you seen the glass houses, stair cases built into a wall, or nearly transparent TVs? Well, pretty soon nothing in our houses will be visible. We'll need an object sensor just to see where everything is. Haha.
  7. Social Business Buy shoes on this site and they will donate the same pair of shoes to people without them overseas. Sounds great, right? Businesses have realized they don't have to be non-profit to help the world.
  8. Plastic Rebellion More photos of REAL people who haven't been photo-shopped. Stars are coming out with their plastic surgery horror stories, too. Pretty soon it's going to be cool to just be yourself. I can't wait!
  9. Digital Retail Find out if that purse goes with your current outfit through a webcam. QR codes are everywhere now. All you have to do is literally click for the best deal.
  10. Digital Decor Heat-sensitive, and LED lighting wallpaper, paint, and stamps. I remember those glow in the dark planets I used to put on my ceiling. When you turned on a black-light they were iridescent. Cool, huh?
  11. Super Hero Reality There are dating websites for adults who love superheroes. Oh, and don't forget to buy some Wonder Woman lipstick before you head off to the movies with your new date.
  12. Instant Entrepreneurship Games are teaching kids more and more about how to start their own businesses and make a profit. With all the affordable resources available online for marketing, and e-commerce, even young adults are jumping onto the bandwagon. What ever happened to actually working to get what you want?
  13. Eco-Education Classrooms are teaching more and more about eco-efficiency and living green. Remember kids, reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  14. Social Fitness Don't forget to update your iPhone with how many miles you ran yesterday. Compete with friends to see if your target heart rates match. It's just another way to tell the world about your life.
  15. Ethnic Customs I love seeing people embrace who they are, but don't wear a headdress in public. It looks tacky and you could offend someone. Leave the costumes for Halloween!
  16. Comfort While You Wait Bus stops are now featuring IKEA couches and tables for the comfort of their passengers. Oh, and did I fail to mention it's an advertisement?
  17. Social Media Fashion Have you ever wanted a necklace that displays the Twitter logo, or a Facebook T-shirt? Show your love with some Facebook Adidas. No, really. People love the dedication.
  18. Retro Shops This is cool. I've always loved the style in these places. It makes going out to have a cup of coffee more aesthetically pleasing.
  19. Pop Culture Vacations I don't know about you, but I don't want to stay in a hotel surrounded by Batman, Hello Kitty, or James Bond memorabilia. Okay, maybe my fiance will like the Batman room, but it still looks expensive. 
  20. iPad Menus You're kidding, right? What if someone isn't an Apple fan? Or can't afford an iPad? I guess they can't order at all.
This article was inspired by Trend Hunter. A website for all the trends.

Got a trend you think is wacky? Tell us in a comment below.
Thanks for reading. :)

Happy Writing!
-Diva J.

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Anonymous said...

Two foodie trends: steampunk and Brooklyn aesthetic. These are restaurants or small stores that sell artisanal food products (and usually other things too like weaved baskets). They're both Victorian style, so we're talking cloth flour bags, alcohol barrels, wagon wheels, etc.

Diva J. said...

Awesome, trend, Heather. I love all things Victorian, and this is no exception. I will have to look for one in my area. Thanks. :)

-Diva J.

Anonymous said...

If you're visiting Florida sometime, you should check out Old Spanish Sugar Mill inside De Leon Springs State Park.


Diva J. said...

Hey, Heather, my dad and I went there years ago. I love making my own breakfast. Although, I didn't go in the water, it was so pretty out there. I love the many springs in FL. I wish there were some here. I could really use a Wekiva Springs day out! :)

-Diva J.

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