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When Characters Come Alive

So, I have a woman in my mind who wants me to write about her. She is from the Regency era and her name is Anne. I know it sounds cliche, but this is how all my novels start. I can't get characters out of my mind, then I write about them. I currently have two works in progress, dozens of novel ideas, too, but when I can't even sleep due to these ideas clouding my head, I don't know what else to do then put them on paper. Usually when I write it down, the character leaves me alone, until the next scene does the same thing. These characters feel like real people. They have emotions, aspects, and personalities. Each one tells me how they want to be remembered, and it's what I write about. I feel like each one is an aspect of me from a past life or experience.

There is a muse urging me every step of the way. Some days, my work in progress does not seem very appealing. Sometimes I'd rather read or write other ideas somewhere else.

Do you ever have a larger than life experience when you write? Like some unknown force is providing you with the information? Does your book literally feel like it's about to give you a hug after you write it? I know it sounds funny, but writing is not a passion for nothing.

There are times when I wish I could pen out a manuscript in a month. The reality is it takes me much longer than that to finish a novel. I think it's because of my writing style and just who I am. I take my time in all things. I'm patient. Oh, and did I mention I'm a perfectionist. One of these days I'll develop a writing rhythm, and words will pour from me like water hurdling down a waterfall.

All good things come in time. I'm a firm believer in this idealism.

Thank you for reading and supporting me through buying my book, To Love An Irishman.
Happy writing!
-Diva J.

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