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Uncertain Wonders

WARNING: You might read some ranting and raving about authors changing their manuscript's genre to make a sale. Please bare with me! :)

Last week I read an article about an author who changed their book's genre in order to make a sell. I have mixed opinions about this matter. I am a firm believer in not conforming to society. For those who feel they should change their book for a specific publisher who accepts manuscripts out of their league, I think this is qualified as cheating. Why don't you leave the genre alone so others who are passionate about it could get a step in? Instead, you strip your novel of important elements and pawn it off with another name.

As a historical romance author, I will NEVER write to impress a market nor will I change a piece for someone else's benefit. I want to sell my work to those who'd appreciate my stories the way they are as much as I do.

On the other hand, if you are not already an established author, then changing your genre is a part of your growing process. Some people find their niche after they've written dozens of books about something else. Say you've loved fantasy all your life, but the right story doesn't come to you until ten years later. Well, you've wanted to write this romance for a while now, so you do that, and it sells. Then the fantasy idea comes along and you write a great story that you want to pitch, but your name is attached to romance. You could a) get a pen name, b) stop writing romance, and focus solely on your fantasy career. I would totally go for the pen name idea, because you never know if your original name gained a following or not. Your readers come first.

Okay. I'm done. Yes, I feel better. Thank you for asking. :)

The wedding plans are coming along. I am waiting to go visit the ceremony location sometime this month. So, until that happens, I can't do anything else.

The two works in progress are going along smoothly. I've hit over 20,000 words in Loch Lomond, and over 10,000 words in The Earl's Son. Wish me luck!

Thank you so much for being patient with me and reading this far. YOU rock!

Happy writing!
-Diva J.

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