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The Misconception of Writers: How You Can Fix Your Views

Hello, everyone! There is so much to talk about in the world today. A lot is happening right now and it's hard not to state my opinions on so many pressing matters. Luckily, this is a blog about writing, and I love talking about that!

Here are five misconceptions about writers, and how you can change your view on them:
  1. Writers will claim they write out of passion, but money is a driving force. Of course, even artists who are professionals in their field have bills to pay. Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer, and J.K. Rowling have mortgages, electricity, internet service, etc. I will admit, some days, the only thing keeping me out of bed in the morning is hope. I wish I could aspire to become a best-seller, but the reality is without hard work and perseverance the road is very long indeed. Please don't stop supporting your favorite writers, though. We all have good intentions, no matter the drive, and sometimes we use the income to pay for things other than bills like weddings. :)
  2. Writers have degrees in English literature (or the like). I'm not saying don't ever go to school and acquire a degree in your field. Sometimes taking the courses can give you a better understanding of your craft. Many writers take creative writing to supplement their learning. Although, writers do like to maintain professionalism with their work, not everyone has a degree in English literature. College is a great expense to those who haven't had the opportunity or time to attend. There are published writers out there who challenge themselves every day to study English grammar, or take free workshops on writing, to further their knowledge without ever taking a step into a college classroom.
  3. Writers have read all the classics. You know, all the classic literature from Dickens to Shakespeare to Austen to Poe. Of course, we have a genuine interest in all these books and what they could teach us, but sometimes we find our time limited to just writing. Wouldn't you rather us write our next novel or read Great Expectations? Personally, this is why they make a movie adaptation. So, writers like me who like the story lines, could watch the movie and write at the same time.
  4. Writing is not a real job. A job according to dictionary.com is the material, project, assignment, etc, being worked upon. Even if you write for fun or for class, you are still working on something so therefore it's a job. After all, a project that can take up to six months to complete is definitely worth noting.
  5. Anyone can be a writer. Yes and No. Yes, because like the sayings go everyone has a book inside them or a story to tell. No, because many people do not have the drive or the extreme ambition to work hard enough to achieve success. Yes, there is potential for money, because it is a job, but not everyone is born with the ability to write a great story. A writer is a scribe. Some one who is able to relate stories in a manner that everyone can remember. Those who have the passion will study the craft and write every day. Those who don't, well their books just remain inside them. Do you have what it takes?
Here is a popular meme about being a writer that is floating about cyberspace.
Be proud to be a writer. Don't allow your family or friend's misconceptions about your life's work doubt what you love to do. Tell people about your books. You can either be your own worst critic or you could be your best marketing tool.

Just think about the possibilities you have.

For now, I'm off to eat lunch. Thank you so much for reading. If you have any other misconceptions to share, please feel free to tell us in a comment below.

Happy writing!
-Diva J.

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Hope Clark said...

Love, love, love the new blog design. It so looks like you. And I equally love the poster. It's so true!

Keep writing.


Diva J. said...

Thank you so much, Hope. I've missed you these past months in the group. I hope life has been treating you well. :)

-Diva J.

Dahlia said...

Nice work, Diva, and it's all true! Writing is a job, a tough job that some of us were "silly" (joke) enough to take on. But so far, we're all hanging in there!

Diva J. said...

Dahlia, I wouldn't call us 'silly' at all. If anything, we are blessed. How many people can honestly say they've accomplished one of their dreams? Thank you for your insight. :)

-Diva J.

rubyswan said...

Great food 4 thought >*Diva*<..thanQQQ!

Diva J. said...

I'm glad you liked it, Ruby. Thank you for your comment! :)

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