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Writing and Music Are Acts of Love

When I feel unmotivated, I turn to music. When everything in the world seems to go wrong, I put in my favorite CD and let the melody show me the magic in the air. Although, I'm a very big fan of punk rock, specifically alternative, I listen to more and more instrumental lately. Of course, my guilty pleasure is Celtic music.

Today, I needed an intervention. I awoke early and for some reason couldn't move myself into action. I had emails piling up, content to write and other miscellaneous tasks to perform, including the creation of this blog.

From left to right: Button Accordion, Bodhran, Fiddle,
Concertina, Guitar, Flute, and Uilleann Pipes.
As I listen to Ronan Hardiman's: Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance soundtrack from the actual production, I think about my family. I haven't seen anyone in my immediate family for a few years now. Listening to this music, reminds me of my grandma who took me to the show. Her birthday was today and for some reason I feel her presence all around me. It's like she never left. In fact, she just moved closer to where I live. I remember watching the Lord of the Dance with her and afterwards, we hailed the attention of the Irish dancers (especially, the gorgeous male lead). They were friendly and we told them how great the show was. They offered their 'thanks' and went toward their hotel rooms. I've been listening to the CD ever since and I can't get enough of the lively feeling I get from all the instruments. It inspires me to live happier, to lapse back into time and imagine a peaceful world.

Ireland is rich in literature that understands a soul's yearnings, and dancing that understands a happy heart. 
– Margaret Jackson

In my novel, To Love An Irishman, one of the main things that bring the couple together is Celtic music. The ceili, or group of musicians--traditionally, up to ten (called a band) who specialized in creating music for dancers--arrive and Ciaran cannot wait to show Aveline how to do an Irish jig. Drums, fiddles, flutes, and pipes are what they're most known for. Some modern bands now include guitar, piano, saxophone, snare drum with woodblock, double bass, piccolo, and even banjos. These bands gained wide popularity during the 1950s/60s. Ceili bands gain promotion through competitions and festivals still going on today.

If I ever get to visit Ireland, I intend to embrace the Celtic folk music scene.

Music helps me write by:
--Setting the mood, tone, or scene of my novel.
--Opening my mind to more creativity.
--Taking me away to a different time and place where all anyone had to tell a story with was an instrument and a voice.

Do you have a passion for music? What kind of music inspires you to write? Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

Happy writing!
Diva J.
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