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I'm My Own Worst Critic

Looking through my bookcase, I noticed a book I once found in the dumpster. Yes, some people throw away books, and no I don't like it! The book is a first edition written in 1952, called Philosophies Men Live By. I find within its pages, underlined sentences and words. Looking through the subtext, I deducted the previous owner was a man of God. A priest, pastor, etc. 

According to history, Socrates didn't write philosophy. Instead he spoke it in the marketplace. His disciple, Plato, used a form of dialogue to quote him. Aristotle came later to write the teachings. "Know Thyself" was Socrates's guiding principle.

Arguably, quotes are a person's philosophy. Their words are clipped to remain memorable, and then relayed to the public in a romantic sense. Not everything people say is wise, though.

All those clich├ęd lines and phrases specific to different cultures are words. Words that should not guide you. The only opinion that truly matters is your own. When you doubt yourself, the negative response travels through your brain and increases your seratonin. What does this mean to you? Well, you become depressed, you lose confidence and a sense of accomplishment in yourself. Sometimes you stop eating and sleeping and writing. 

I suppose what I am trying to say with all this is; Someone once told me not to allow anyone's negative words to affect my writing. To affect my life. When anyone doubts you, ask yourself, "Do I love what I do? Do I meet all my expectations?" If the answer is "yes" to both, then by all means don't take someone else's opinion to heart.

"Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing." -Aristotle

I've found myself crying, drinking, eating, praying, driving, shopping, studying, playing a video game, and yelling when a rejection comes in my inbox. Every time, I tried to overcome the negative thoughts that welled within me. The more I did, the worse I felt. So, I've changed my ways. Every day, I receive a rejection, now I laugh and say "me and this person were not meant to be". 

I know my work is worth sharing to the world. But to whom, I don't know. One day, I will meet someone who appreciates my stories as much as I do. Who truly understands my message to the world.

The other day, my boyfriend bought me a blank old-fashioned journal from World Market. I think I'm going to write all the quotes that inspire me. Then I'll reflect on the words later on in my life and understand better where my thoughts were headed.

Do you have a quote journal? In a comment, share your favorite quotes. I'd love to hear your inspirations!

Happy Writing!
Diva J 


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