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Do What You Like And Do It Honestly

Sometimes, the most inspired people are those who lack something in their lives. They use passion as a medium for the void. We read to escape reality. We play an instrument to escape the silence. We bowl to escape the confines of work. We laugh with friends to escape loneliness. Not everyone is the same, but yet we share a common interest. Ourselves.

My kitty, Muffin.
I read an article recently about how to continue writing romance after a divorce. I'm not an advocate of divorce, nor am I opposed to marriage for that matter, but most everyone I see who write successfully is married. By the way, my observation is open to criticism.

"Studies have shown that married people tend to earn more money and live longer than singles. Marriage also appears to promote better health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that husbands and wives are less likely to smoke or drink heavily, experience frequent headaches and suffer from psychological problems than people who aren't married.  
Psychologists conjecture (through surveys and such) that married people are merely more inclined toward happiness since they're happier to begin with. Humans are predisposed to certain happiness ranges depending on their genetics, personality and life circumstances. Also, happier people are generally more social, and it follows that people who actively socialize will be more likely to meet someone they'd like to marry."

I may be young, but I don't have a committed relationship. Well, readers, I want to encourage those who lack a steady companion to keep on writing. You can write on one income. You could find the time to reach success even though you sacrifice most of it to pay the bills.

You don't need a man or woman in your life to know what emotions feel like. What love feels like. Sometimes all you need is an active imagination and an observant gaze. In society, you see so many traits in the way people act and portray themselves. After watching someone for a while, they might think you are strange, but you'll have a new character for your book. Or a new villain.

Motivation does not fleet out the window so easily without a steady inspiration. Sometimes you have to find it within yourself. What do you live for? 

With first round edits on my upcoming release (which consisted of a Word document covered in red) and the day job giving me more hours than I have available in a day, working a lot with little play at my age feels like a waste of youth. A waste of time and energy I could never wish back. Nobody realizes that my life is mine to live. One day soon, I will be doing what I love and everything I did before would seem like a stepping stone in a river of opportunity. I may be introverted, not the life of the party, nor the brightest star in the sky, but guess what? 
I wake up every day to a soft meow with a smile on my face. My cat wouldn't have a home or a safe existence without me around. That's right. Muffin is what I live for. Animals will never reject your work, never criticize the life you live, never intentionally hurt you for a greater objective. Sometimes the best companions are furry and like laying on your favorite books.

Readers, thank you for reading and sharing in my experiences.

Happy writing!

-Diva J.

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