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And The Countdown Begins...

Two months have passed since I submitted the first round edits to my editor. It feels like an eternity. I spent over a year writing and editing To Love An Irishman, and knowing I can't do anymore for it right now makes me feel like I'm missing a long lost friend. My writing friends have told me that it takes several months to receive the 2nd round edits, because those require more attention to grammar.

I don't know about you, but a lot can happen in several months. I hope to at least write another book and submit work to magazines. I do have a few short stories that need to be recognized and a website that needs to be completely reshaped. Oh, and did I mention? The day job is an endless shadow looming over me.

With so much to look forward to and to do on a daily basis it's no wonder many writers are stressed out!

According to a study by the Center for the New American Dream, more than 50% of Americans would be willing to take a day off work without pay in an effort to feel less stressed and have more time with their families.

Here are ten ways you can reduce stress at the workplace (or home offices):

  1. Eat Right. When you allow yourself to choose unhealthy foods, you are decreasing your energy levels. During your lunch break, don't opt for the first candy bar you see in the vending machine.
  2. Drink Less Caffeine. Coffee and sodas increase your stress levels. Choose to drink water instead.
  3. Exercise. Just 10 minutes a day of walking could get your blood moving. Not to mention, your mind will get a break, too.
  4. Eliminate Noise. It could be very distracting. Invest in some ear plugs or pull out the iPod and listen to your favorite tunes with headphones to decrease the outside noise.
  5. Stretch. It helps relieve stiff muscles and reduce the tension that makes you stressed.
  6. Simplify the Morning. Lay out the clothes you'd like to wear the night before, pack lunches, or just wake up 15 minutes earlier. Once you're organized, you're more focused on other less-stressful tasks.
  7. Think Positive. Reflect on all the good things in your life; everything you have that makes it all worthwhile.
  8. Breathe. Stress causes us to take shallow breaths. Just inhale deeply through the nose for eight seconds, then exhale slowly for sixteen. Concentrate on counting out one breath at a time.
  9. Rest. Get enough sleep. They recommend for adults to get 6-8 hours of restful sleep a night.
  10. Enjoy Life. Do something you love everyday to give yourself something to look forward to.
Excerpted from the article by United Behavioral Health called "Reducing Workplace Stress".

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other."
-Abraham Lincoln-

Time will follow us to the ends of the Earth, but we will never let it lead us!
Do you have any ways you cope with stress in your life?

Thank you, Readers, for being YOU. 

Happy writing!

-Diva J.

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