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My interview with Ciaran O'Devlin

I've known Mr. O'Devlin for over a year now. I think I know as much as I can about him, but what he says might surprise you.
We sat down last Wednesday to talk and this is what he revealed...

Diva: Mr. O'Devlin, I feel like it was just yesterday when I met you. How are you doing?
Ciaran: Quite frankly, Miss Jefferson, I feel like everything I've known has turned upside down. (He laughs.) I'm well, thank you.
Diva: Anyways, no use putting it off. Where were you born?
Ciaran: (His dimpled smile was very captivating.) Altmore, County Tyrone, Ireland.
Diva: (I smile in return) What do you do for a living?
Ciaran: I work. (His black hair moves with the shake of his head.) I spend me life farming the land.
Diva: Sounds...well, you know...
Ciaran: (Another laugh.) I admit work on a farm is not craic at all. I should change that. Got a pint?
Diva: Unfortunately, no, I need you to be sober for at least another thirty minutes. (He shrugged before I continued.) Tell me about your parents. How well did you get along with them?
Ciaran: They were grand people. I remember their voices, 'tis all. (He bowed his head towards the ground.)
Diva: How many siblings do you have? Older? Younger?
Ciaran: Two. (His head stayed.) One older, Eonan, an' the other younger, Solas. My two sisters died soon after me parents.
Diva: (I knew I hit a hard spot, so I asked something else.) What were you afraid of when you were a child?
Ciaran: (He lifted his head.) Losing the farm. Miss Jefferson, the farm was the last thing I had left o' me parents.
Diva: I know, Mr. O'Devlin. I think you did a wonderful job overcoming your obstacles. (I paused a moment to allow him to collect himself. He nodded and I continued.) What makes you happy now?
Ciaran: I will truly say me wife, Aveline. (His voice lowered.) Without her, I missed the meaning o' life. I took everything for granted.
Diva: What would you change about yourself if you could, Mr. O'Devlin?
Ciaran: I really am stubborn, you know. (He tapped his head, mussing the hair under his flat cap.) Maybe I should start over without such a hard head.
Diva: (I laughed despite myself and he joined. I waited until our laughter died before continuing.) What is it that you have never told anyone? I love hearing people's deep dark secrets.
Ciaran: (He moved closer and stared into my eyes.) If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
(I knew then and there that Ciaran O'Devlin's deepest secret was his undying love for me.
Okay, maybe I lied. Or wished more than anything.)
Ciaran: No, Miss Jefferson, I don't mean it. (He moved backwards and planted himself in the nearest chair.) When I saw Aveline eavesdropping on me the first day we met, I thought I saw me mother in her eyes an' I wished more than anything to spend me life with her.
Diva: Thank you so much, Mr. O'Devlin, from taking the time to answer these questions for me. I know how hard it can be to leave a busy life behind for such a cause. Your family is forever in my hopes and prayers. Good luck in the future, sir.
Ciaran: (He smiled warmly.) May your home be filled with laughter. May your pockets be filled with gold. And may you have all the happiness your Irish heart can hold. (Then he quit the room.)
(I stared after him for a good while. He was definitely one of a kind.)

Happy Writing!

-Diva J.

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Believe Nothing, Learn Much

Like I mentioned last month, words of wisdom should not guide you. When you believe in yourself, anything could happen. Confidence is a sure-fire way to reach your goals. Well, much better than procrastinating.
According to psychologists, procrastination can be a major source of stress and anxiety. You could detail your schedule and know everything you need to do, but something holds you back.

A false sense of security and the thought of enough time are weighing factors.

Here are some characteristics of a procrastinator:
  • Low Self-Confidence - When we boast about ourselves, but inwardly couldn't see ourselves living up to our words.
  • I'm Too Busy - Uses excuses to justify our reasons for being late. Not having enough time, etc
  • Stubbornness - Pride shows us how vulnerable a person is to pressure, so we react in order to reassure the opposite.
  • Manipulation - Making others believe they cannot start without you is unfair and only leads to tension and anxiety.
  • Coping with Pressures - Since we are met with demands and expectations every day, an excuse is much easier on us.
  • A Frustrated Victim - We doesn't know why we cannot get our work done like the others around us.

Do you fear rejection? Do you feel inequality with others in your work? Do you find taking care of kids and going to a day job time-consuming? Do you find deadlines to be difficult to reach?
If you answered 'yes' to any or all of these questions, you are a procrastinator.

In saying this, I feel we should be doing the cootie dance. Oh no!

Don't worry any more than you have to. It's human nature to feel this way. A simple cure is to do everything opposite. Yes, tell yourself you will learn something along the way (self-reassurance), time is an ongoing cycle in the world and you know more than you think you do.

Remember: All great writers, poets, and artists have completed work. Wouldn't you like to say you've finished yours also?

When someone praises your work, say 'Thank You' and move on to the next task.

  • Write down something you would've completed if it weren't for procrastination. (Personal, school, or work related.)
  • Write as many reasons as possible for your delay. (These are controlling influences.)
  • In the "Arguments Against Delay" column, argue against all the reasons for delay (be convincing).

I'm delaying on ________because

Reasons for Delay
  1. ___________
  2. ___________
  3. ___________
  4. ___________
Arguments Against Delay
  1. ___________
  2. ___________
  3. ___________
  4. ___________

Post all your findings (if you wish to share) in a comment following this post. It will not only make you feel better, but you will be one step closer from getting the motivation you need!

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." -Buddha

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Happy writing!
Diva J.

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